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Expert opinion

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Expert opinion

Elspeth Finch

What is innovation?

22-Jul-2014 | By Elspeth Finch

How to turn thinker into innovator.

will gard

Shale gas: Waking up to a new dawn

22-Jul-2014 | By William Gard

Shale gas opportunities are coming.

Bert Smolders

The private sector must be included in urban development plans

10-Jul-2014 | By Bert Smolders

More than two-thirds of the world’s population already lives in cities, and this will continue to grow.

Katherine Pygott

We need a paradigm shift in flood risk management

10-Jul-2014 | By Katherine Pygott

We need to invest to deliver more and better flood solutions if we are to seriously tackle climate change.

Ian Patey

Connected and autonomous vehicles – who’s liable?

10-Jul-2014 | By Ian Patey

Autonomous vehicles have moved from the pages of the technical press to mainstream media in recent months; no longer being seen as fanciful or speculative, they are being seen more and more as inevitable.

Alan Price

Asset management is vital to improving the performance of Britain’s railways

2-Jul-2014 | By Alan Price

Network Rail, in April, embarked on a new five-year plan with challenging targets to deliver a safer, higher performing and more efficient railway by 2019.

Martin Blower

Are we ready for interest rate rises?

2-Jul-2014 | By Martin Blower

With Mark Carney and the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee dropping more than a few hints of a sooner rather than later rise in interests rates I wonder how many construction companies are prepared for its impact?

Ashley Prail

Evolving skillsets are vital to major project success

2-Jul-2014 | By Ashley Prail

For infrastructure investors, few things are more central to the business than the ability to deliver predictable returns over the medium and long term. As a result, the owners and operators of infrastructure assets tend to prize reliability, predictability, operational efficiency and cost effective asset management.

Mike Crane

Harnessing the power of syngas can cut greenhouse gas emissions

2-Jul-2014 | By Mike Crane

So the gasification market has finally kicked off, but what is the best use of syngas and how can we recover the most energy?

David Higgins

High Speed 2: Double vision for the south and north

1-Jul-2014 | By David Higgins

Much has been made in recent weeks about the reasons we should build HS2. Speed? Capacity? Connectivity? No, it’s all three, and more.

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Hugh Sumner

Don’t put all our eggs in one basket, London needs an airport system

26-Jun-2014 | By Hugh Sumner

If Gatwick Airport builds a second runway, 95M passengers will use the airport each year by 2050, up from 34M today.

duncan reed

BIM: Defining better information management

24-Jun-2014 | By Duncan Reed

BIM, despite being a small acronym, is a big word in construction. While there has been a lot of hype around building information modelling (BIM) over the last few years we see the conversation is starting to shift toward companies asking: what’s really in it for me? However, the discussion needs to further evolve to start looking at how BIM can help define and create better business outcomes.

Expert opinion

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