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Expert opinion

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Expert opinion

Jim De Waele

Apprentices are not just an investment in the future, they make economic sense today

8-Apr-2014 | By Jim De Waele

As the UK economy continues to emerge from recession, there is almost unanimous support from all sides of the political arena on the importance of apprenticeships.

Energy from Waste: Between a ROC and a hard place

8-Apr-2014 | By Ian Miller

Ironic isn’t it that at a time we appear to have a waste infrastructure capacity gap. We are exporting over 1.5M tonnes per annum of refuse derived fuel to mainland Europe, enough to provide power for about half a million households, yet we have a hiatus in the development of our own domestic energy from waste facilities.

Alasdair Reisner

Highways maintenance: The bumpy road ahead

8-Apr-2014 | By Alasdair Reisner

The UK is the sixth biggest economy in the world. Yet this economic strength often appears to be sustained in spite of, rather than because of, one of the country’s most valuable assets.

Kevin Frewin

Making sense of the crucial differences between the CE Mark and BSI Kitemark

3-Apr-2014 | By Kevin Frewin

Tackling the confusion surrounding the regulations.

James Macoll

Road will always win over rail

2-Apr-2014 | By James MacColl

Shedding light on how local and national government favours road over rail.

Neil Bennett

My proposition? Infrastructure planning needs more foxes, fewer hedgehogs

2-Apr-2014 | By Neil Bennett

Casting a philosophical eye on infrastructure projects.

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Malcolm Kent

Equipment: Visibility comes into focus

25-Mar-2014 | By Malcolm Kent

Discussions in Europe could result in changes to visibility standards that would have far reaching effects on manufacturers.

Dick Tappin

Don't panic: The Thames Barrier is good until 2070 and beyond

21-Mar-2014 | Updated: 28-Mar-2014 | By Dick Tappin

I am confident that the Thames Barrier will continue to protect London from tidal surges until 2070 and beyond.

Jim De Waele

Geotechnical: Where innovation hits the ground

21-Mar-2014 | By Jim De Waele

The open and competitive nature of the UK construction market drives a constant need to do things differently: we are all seeking that winning proposition. 

Paul McCormick

Is there a north/south divide in road maintenance funding?

20-Mar-2014 | By Paul McCormick

NCE’s pages have been full of expert comment about flooding in southern England in recent weeks, but while we prepare for an inevitable re-allocation of infrastructure expenditure let’s not forget the familiar mistake of forgetting the roads agenda.

Mike Pigott

Energy: Britain’s new nuclear Family – is the supply chain up to the task of building and running the new wave of nuclear power plants?

20-Mar-2014 | By Mike Pigott

The last Magnox reactor is due to be switched off in December, nearly 60 years after Britain’s first nuclear power station, Calder Hall in Cumbria, began generating. As the Magnox reactors have gradually been retired, so too have thousands of people skilled in building and running nuclear power plants.

Clive Edmunds

Geotechnical: How to avoid that sinking feeling

19-Mar-2014 | By Clive Edmunds

Last month alone, at least eleven sinkholes appeared in the ground, causing huge shock and anxiety for nearby residents.

Expert opinion

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