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News In depth: The biggest stories in detail

london skyline

Consultant warns of London's hidden groundwater flood risk

23-Apr-2014 4:10 pm

London faces a serious threat from groundwater flooding and officials are failing to act to mitigate risks, a leading water consultant said today.


Exclusive: Strategic roads bi-annual report

15-Apr-2014 2:40 pm

Exclusive to NCE, twice a year the Department of Transport is providing a progress update on the government’s massive highways programme. Here is the first.

Better planning

Flooding should be higher priority in National Infrastructure Plan, says Lord Smith

14-Apr-2014 4:37 pm

Flood defences must be given a higher priority in the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) if the threat from climate change is to be adequately mitigated, the head of the Environment Agency has said.

Lord Smith

Poor areas must be given better flood protection

14-Apr-2014 4:44 pm

Concerted effort is needed to ensure that protection is provided to those least able to afford to insure against floods, the boss of the Environment Agency has warned.

Peter Hansford

Fair payment charter could spell end of project bank accounts

14-Apr-2014 4:53 pm

The launch of a new fair payment charter that would see suppliers paid within 30 days could spell the end for project bank accounts, the government’s construction tsar has said.

Dredging on the Levels

Catchment management focus needed in Somerset Levels, says environment boss

14-Apr-2014 5:44 pm

Dredging will not stop flooding on the Somerset Levels and a more comprehensive plan to manage land higher up the catchment would be more effective, Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith said last week.

News Analysis: NCE looks at the story behind the story

Vital infrastructure

Three months that will decide fate of Thames Tideway Tunnel

14-Apr-2014 1:06 pm

After years of fierce debate at all levels, the fate of Thames Water’s £4bn Thames Tideway Tunnel currently rests with just five people.


Companies speed up their recruitment as economy grows

25-Mar-2014 10:36 am | Updated: 26-Mar-2014 2:54 pm

Apprentices, graduates and qualified engineers - take your pick: civil engineering consultants are looking for a lot of new recruits. Figures in this year’s NCE Consultants File confirm what one consultant executive board member has described as a “different atmosphere in the industry now”.

High Speed 2

Political action is shaking up UK infrastructure

25-Mar-2014 4:27 am

Last week was a big week for the UK’s high speed rail ambitions but the way in which High Speed 2 (HS2) got its boost may set the tone for how other politically difficult infrastructure decisions will be made.

Big Bang

Worst in Europe for employing women – UK civil engineering must spark change

18-Mar-2014 10:31 am

Engineers are in huge demand worldwide - yet the number of young people joining the profession is in decline. What is to be done?

Ben Mitchell

How engineers can attract media interest

13-Mar-2014 12:27 pm

Long after the floodwaters have receded and the insurance claims have been settled, what will be the abiding memories of the 2014 winter storms?

Somerset levels flooding

Flood relief: whoever shouts loudest gets the extra cash

10-Feb-2014 3:31 pm

As Britain continues to be battered by a seemingly endless cycle of winter storms, a cynicism is emerging about the reactions of Britain’s politicians. There are doubts about whether they care quite so much about the people at the receiving end as they do about scoring political points.

This Week's Top Story


Exclusive: Strategic roads bi-annual report

Exclusive to NCE, twice a year the Department of Transport is providing a progress update on the government’s massive highways programme. Here is the first.

The winners

NCE/ACE Consultants Awards winners: The best of British

Last month saw the best companies and individuals in the consultancy sector recognised in the 2014 NCE/ACE Consultants of the Year awards.  

Fast lane for jobs

Recruitment/roads: Fast lane for jobs

With spending on UK roads projects increasing dramatically, the sector is looking for new recruits, as Margo Cole reports.

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